A New Order

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A New Order
Prerequisite Bloodline
Required Items Dwemer Gyro
Type Faction


Quest Giver Isran
Location Fort Dawnguard, random location see list below
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by Prophet
ID DLC1HunterBaseIntro
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After having stayed true to the Dawnguard principles, the Dragonborn refused to be turned into a vampire in Bloodline.

Speak with Isran[edit | edit source]

The Dragonborn returns to Isran at Fort Dawnguard. He is less than enthused that the Dragonborn not only safely returned a powerful vampire (Serana) to her kin, but also let here bring a powerful Elder Scroll to the enemy as well.

This makes the vampires an unpredictably powerful, and even though Isran hates to admit it, the Dawnguard need the help of some additional allies.

Recruit Sorine Jurard[edit | edit source]

One such new recruit is Sorine Jurard. She can be found south-south-east of the Darkfall Cave near an unmarked Dwemer convector. Sorine is upset that her satchel containing Dwemer Gyros has gone missing, probably taken by Mudcrab, seriously disrupting her research into lost Dwemer technology.

When the Dragonborn explains that Isran needs her help to fight the vampires, she is willing to help, but first wants to finish her work her. She needs a Dwemer Gyro:

  • Either simply give her one, should the Dragonborn have one in inventory.
  • Use persuasion skills on Sorine, pointing out that the vampires are the more important issue here.
  • Or, walk towards the river, in southern direction, to find Sorine's Satchel containing five such gyros.

This convinces her to join the battle against the vampires, and she returns to Fort Dawnguard.

Recruit Gunmar[edit | edit source]

Gunmar could be in or near any of the following locations:

Help Gunmar defeat the bear[edit | edit source]

Help Gunmar track down and kill a dangerous bear he has been stalking for two weeks, and he will show enough gratitude to returns to Fort Dawnguard.

Return to Isran[edit | edit source]

Return to Isran and spill the good news. The Dawnguard's chances to take on the Volkiha have significantly improved.