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A New Source of Stalhrim
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The Fate of the Skaal
Quest Giver
Deor Woodcutter
Skaal Village, Saering's Watch, Wind Stone
learn how to forge Stalhrim weapons
Followed by
The Path of Knowledge
Quest Objectives


After The Fate of the Skaal, Deor and Fanari will be discussing the disappearance of the village smith Baldor Iron-Shaper. This prompts Ask Deor about Baldor's disappearance.

Ask Deor about Baldor's disappearance[]

Apparently Baldor's ability to forge Stalhrim has attracted the interest of the Thalmor who have kidnapped the smith. Now it is up to the Dragonborn to free Baldor.

Search for Baldor Iron-Shaper[]

The Dragonborn travels to the Abandoned Lodge that is guarded by aggressive Thalmor soldiers (×4) that need to be taken on. One of them not only has a Hand-written Note but also the Key to the Abandoned House.

Enter the hut and free Baldor Iron-Shaper. It turns out that a Thalmor named Ancarion has stolen Baldor's map to the Stalhrim Source, and it should be taken back, to not allow the Thalmor to have access to Stalhrim weapons.

Retrieve the Stalhrim Source Map[]

Travel to Northshore Landing where a Thalmor ship has anchored. There the Dragonborn has several options to get the Stalhrim Source Map back: directly pickpocket it, intimidate Ancarion, persuade him or offer to help him.

In the latter case Ancarion explains that he does not really care how to get at Stalhrim weapons, so the Dragonborn can offer to bring and sell any to him. This is enough incentive for Ancarion to unhand the map and starts a new quest: Sell Stalhrim Armor and Weapons to Ancarion.

Note: Once the Dragonborn reads the map, a marker to the Stalhrim Source is put on the map, but ghosted out. Note also that should the Dragonborn already have discovered this location, a marker was never put on the map, only now can the marker be unlocked by a revisit.

Talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper[]

Return to Baldor Iron-Shaper back at Skaal Village and give him the Stalhrim Source Map. He will thank the Dragonborn by teaching the art of Stalhrim forging.

Note: Even though Baldor points out that Stalhrim forging is only possible at his blacksmith forge in the village, the Dragonborn can henceforth actually forge Stalhrim at any forge.