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A Night to Remember
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Quest Giver
Sam Guevenne
Inns at Major Cities
Witchmist Grove
Sanguine Rose
Quest Objectives


To begin this quest just speak to Sam Guevenne when you find him at one of the various taverns around Skyrim. Accept his challenge to a drinking game. Your speech will get progressively more slurred, but keep drinking until you pass out.

You awake in a daze in a temple in Markarth, where you find yourself in the presence with a very displeased priestess of Dibella named Senna.

Find Sam Guevenne[]

Ask Senna about Sam, at which point she will tell you that she will not tell you anything until you clean up the mess you made and apologize.

Help clean up the Temple of Dibella[]

Clean up the temple by picking up a Giant's Toe, two bottles of Alto Wine and a strange note from Sam.

Note: Be careful not to pick up the wrong thing and accidentally steal from the temple. Also, anything you do pick up will be marked as a quest item and you will not be able to remove it from your inventory until the quest is finished. After that, the items will no longer be marked as quest items.

Find the Staff[]

You are send on a wild goose chase to repair the staff.

Apologize to the priestesses of Dibella[]

After apologizing to Senna, she will mention that you mumbled something about Rorikstead.

Ask about Sam and the staff in Rorikstead[]

Ask Ennis about Sam in Rorikstead and you will find out that you sold Ennis' goat, "Gleda", to a giant. You can either retrieve Gleda, pay Ennis for her, or persuade or intimidate him, after which he will tell you that you said something about paying Ysolda back for something.

Find Gleda the Goat[]

If you choose to retrieve Gleda from the giant, do that. Otherwise go to Whiterun.

Talk to Ysolda in Whiterun about the staff[]

Find Ysolda who is rather displeased to find that you are not married and do not have her wedding ring. She will tell you that your "intended" is in Witchmist Grove and that she should have the ring.

Find the wedding ring in Witchmist Grove[]

You find out that your "intended" was Moira, a hagraven and she is also very displeased with you. So much so, that you must kill her to take the ring back (or you can just pay Ysolda if you still want to get married).

Take the wedding ring[]

Kill Moira and take the ring.

Return the wedding ring to Ysolda in Whiterun[]

Return to Whiterun and give the ring back to Ysolda. She will then tell you that you had planned to hold the reception in Morvunskar.

Head to Morvunskar[]

Go to Morvunskar.

Search Morvunskar for Sam and the Staff[]

Fight your way through until you find the portal which leads to the Misty Grove. Once there, follow the path until you find a dinner party in full swing, with Sam Guevenne presiding. Sam then reveals that he is in fact Sanguine, the daedric prince of debauchery and merriment. He also admits that the list of items on the list was a wild goose chase (rendering them no longer quest items).


  • If you have not already found Markarth, this is an easy way to do it.
  • At the temple, if you barge into the inner sanctum there will be another quest you can start.
  • At some point after the quest has been completed, there is a random encounter with an irate Argonian called Deep-In-His-Cups.


  • Do not use the "Persuade" option during this quest, it may mix up the sequence of events.
  • Completion of this quest is rumoured to fix the No One Escapes Cidhna Mine quest loop and/or the Markarth Guards bounty glitch.


  • This quest was most likely inspired by the movie, The Hangover.