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Abandoned Prison

Abandoned Prison

The Abandoned Prison is a ruined Imperial tower built into a cliff north-west of Fort Amol on the bank of the White River by a waterfall. At one point the prison was flooded and the prisoners inside were left to drown. Only the ghosts of the prisoners remain, along with a few documents, including Guard's Orders, a Prisoner's Plan, and copies of Song of Hrormir and The Legend of Red Eagle.

Just across the river from the prison and to the west is a ruined shack with the remains of Lucky Lorenz, a Shrine of Dibella and Treasure Map IX.

Items of Note[]

  • Coming from the north, you can jump down onto the tower roof, just above the entrance: Chest ~49 Gold.png value (L41).
  • Iron Ingot ×8, potions, bed rolls ×10, bed and books ×14.
  • On a table: Abandoned Prison Key.
  • Chests ~490, ~430, ~880 Gold.png value (L41).


  • Trying to explore the prison with a follower does not work. Crossing the river is too much for the AI, and quick travel places the follower on the other side of the river. Trying to get to the entrance via northern rock face from above also does not work.