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Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Labs allow you to create potions and poisons by combining ingredients that you find in the world.

All ingredients have four effects. You can learn the first effect of any ingredient by selecting it in your inventory and eating it. To learn the other effects, experiment with it.

At an Alchemy Lab, you can combine any two or three ingredients and attempt to make a potion with them. If the ingredients share at least one effect, you succeed: you get the resulting potion or poison and learn all of the effects that matched. If none of their effects match, crafting fails and you lose the ingredients.

The resulting item is a potion if its strongest effect is beneficial, and a poison if its strongest effect is harmful. Potions may have weaker harmful effects, and poisons may have weaker beneficial effects-it all depends on the effects of the ingredients you used.

To use a poison, you must have an equipped weapon. Activate the poison in your inventory to apply it to your weapon.

To use a potion, activate it in your inventory to drink it. If you drink two potions with the same effect, only the most powerful is applied, so wait for the first potion to wear off before drinking the next.

As you discover ingredients with matching effects, the Alchemy Lab menu will remember the matches for future use. Continue to experiment to learn new effects and find better combinations.


In general, there are alchemy labs in all alchemy shops. These include:

Some inns and taverns also have an alchemy lab. These include:

Some Jarls' residences also have alchemy labs. These include:

All the Imperial Camps:

The Dragonborn can also purchase labs for the following homes:

Other locations include:

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