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The Aldmer represented the present day "Altmer". It has been said that the Altmer also selectively breed to resemble their Aldmeri ancestors.

The Aldmer homeland of Aldmeris has been described as an endless city being built upon itself over and over again. There are some sources that believe however that Aldmeris had never existed at all, though the most reputable of these sources was the Elder Scrolls.

The conservative people that stayed in Summerset Isle became the Altmer. Those who broke off from tradition and migrated to the rest of Tamriel became the Bosmer of Valenwood. The current Dunmer were Chimer that were exiled from Summerset by the other Altmer because of their religious beliefs and migrated to what is now Morrowind. When the Chimer arrived, the Dwemer had already been living in Morrowind for quite a while. The Aldmer (translated "First Folk" or "Elder Folk") were the original Merethic Era proto-mer who settled Summerset Isle and most of mainland Tamriel. They are said to be the first inhabitants of Nirn, although this distinction may belong to the Hist. The Aldmer slowly evolved through cultural diffusion into the various present-day races of Mer/Elven species. There were a group of Altmer who worshipped Trinimac which included; The Ayleids of Cyrodiil, the Falmer of Skyrim, the Maormer of Pyandonea, and the Orcs or "Orsimer", They were transformed into Orcs when the Daedric prince Boethiah "ate" (or corrupted/destroyed) Trinimac, turning him into Malacath, which changed them as well.