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Alduin's Wall
A Cornered Rat
Quest Giver
Sky Haven Temple
Followed by
The Throat of the World
Quest Objectives


Alduin's Wall is an ancient wall bearing depictions of a sequence of events, describing the struggle of ancient Nords against the leader of the Dragons, Alduin. It explains the use of a special shout in the language of the Voice, 'Dragonrend'. This wall is found in Sky Haven Temple, which becomes the headquarters of the Blades on the arrival of Delphine and Esbern. New Blades recruited by the Dragonborn remain there (up to three new members).

Note: The actual Sky Haven Temple only becomes accessible during this quest.

Escort Esbern to Riverwood[]

Having located Esbern in the Ratway, the Dragonborn must first follow him to Riverwood to find Delphine.

Tip: It is possible to fast travel there.

Talk to Esbern[]

Having reunited Esbern and Delphine, the Dragonborn listens to Esbern's plan which entails returning to Sky Haven Temple where the fabled, long-forgotten Alduin's Wall depicts ancient knowledge on how to battle Alduin.

Conveniently, Delphine and Esbern lead the way. Though the team runs into a major obstacle trying to cross Karthspire Camp.

Gain entrance to Sky Haven Temple[]

Having defeated the Forsworn and arrived at the Karthspire cave, the Dragonborn opens the entrance to the temple itself which involves solving several puzzles:

  • First, the group is confronted with three three-sided pillars. Esbern explains that the Dragonborn must turn the pillars to expose the sides which contain the symbol of the Dragonborn (this symbol resembles two dragon faces flanking a down arrow). This causes a bridge to appear leading to a room with suspicious tiles on the floor.
  • Once again, the safe path across the room is determined by choosing the tiles with the same symbol as the pillars. Once across, there is a chain which deactivates the fireball trap and allows the rest of the team across.
  • This leads the team to the main antechamber and entrance to the temple which is a large stone resembling a human head. To open the entrance, the Dragonborn must activate a seal by cutting his or her hand and dropping some of their blood on the seal on the floor.

Note: Even without playing the quest, right up to "head gate" the puzzles and the cave can be explored.

Learn the secret of Alduin's Wall[]

Once inside the Sky Haven Temple, Esbern explains the significance of Alduin's Wall.

As it turns out the Dragonborn must learn a specific shout to bring down dragons, but what that shout may be and how to learn it, only the Greybeards know. The Dragonborn continues the adventure in The Throat of the World.

Note: The Sky Haven Temple contains a few interesting items, e.g. the Dragonbane and a full Blades Armor Set (including the shield).