Amulet of the Moon

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Amulet of the Moon
Required Items {{{req_items}}}
Type Side
Quest Giver Kharjo
Location random (see list below)
Rewards 1500 Gold.png at L58
potential follower
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by
ID FreeformCaravansA
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Moon Amulet might be found in the course of your normal exploring of Skyrim. Otherwise, speaking with Kharjo can initiate this quest.

Find the Moon Amulet inside <Dungeon>[edit | edit source]

He will specify the location. The amulet can be found at one of the following randomly chosen locations:

Return the Moon Amulet to Kharjo[edit | edit source]

Once found, return to Kharjo with the amulet.