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Atronachs are elemental Daedra from the planes of Oblivion. They can be summoned by mages to do their bidding, but are occasionally found in the wild by themselves. The Atronach will stay around for a certain amount of time before returning to their home plane or until they are killed. Like any summoned creature, Atronachs can be banished. All Atronachs that are killed conventionally will explode a few seconds after death. There are three types of Atronachs that can be found in Skyrim.

Flame Atronach[]

This Atronach takes the form of a female creature looking like a stone shell filled with lava. The joints of this Atronach glow a reddish-yellow and flames take the place of hair. The Atronach floats a bit off the ground and will attack using firebolts. These Atronachs are easily killed in combat but very agile and dish out damage before they are slain. Upon death it will explode in a burst of flames that are damaging. This does not occur for any Conjured Flame Atronachs that die because of expired spell time however. Friendly conjured Flame Atronachs will turn hostile to the player if provoked or accidentally attacked.

Note: Each kind of Atronach can be summoned at the Atronach Forge using specific combinations of ingredients. Also note that they will be hostile.

Frost Atronach[]

This Atronach takes the form of a hulking being made of jagged ice. It stands on two legs and attacks by using it natural mass to overwhelm enemies. Its primary attack consists of a jab with its spike like arms, but a secondary AOE attack is done by the Frost Atronach brining down its arm and slamming down causing damage to all enemy entities. Keeping in mind that it will not hesitate to close to melee and begin attacking the foe using its hands. Frost Atronachs tend to be stronger and consisting of more health points than their flame counterparts, though their pure melee puts them at a disadvantage.

Storm Atronach[]

This Atronach looks like a bunch of rocks being held together by lightning. The Storm Atronach is balanced on a single point and has no legs. It attacks with lightning bolts and tends to be the strongest of the Atronachs, consisting of the most hit points and the strongest attacks. It combines the ranged attacks of its lighting bolts and its melee to do serious damage, while retaining a large pool of health to fall back upon. Note: They are worthy opponents of the Dragonborn so don't take their presence lightly.