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In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, combat can be as varied as the player wishes. In addition to a wide variety of weapons, spells and scrolls, the player can also use poisons. There is also a wide variety of apparel to choose from which can mitigate damage taken and in some cases, increase the damage dealt.

Press R, Right mouse button, or Left mouse button to draw your weapons. Press R to sheathe them again.

To perform a regular attack, tap Left mouse button with your right-hand weapon, or Right mouse button to attack with your left-hand weapon. (Note that the right mouse button controls the left-hand weapon, and vice versa).

Power attacks[]

To perform a power attack, hold Right mouse button or Left mouse button on the PC (L1 or L2 on the PS3 and LT or RT on the Xbox). Power attacks do significantly more damage than regular attacks and have a chance of staggering enemies. Move in different directions (left, right, back, or forward) to execute different power attacks.

All power attacks cost stamina. If your stamina is too low, any power attacks you attempt become regular attacks instead.


Blocking allows the player to reduce the amount of damage sustained from melee and ranged combat by using a shield or weapons. It also relies on skill points in the Block skill tree.


If you have two weapons equipped, you can't block. However, you can hold Right mouse button and Left mouse button simultaneously for a dual power attack which does extra damage.


Once an opponent is staggered by a power attack, follow up with a quick succession of regular attacks for the kill. Once combat has ended, or if you need to run, always sheathe your weapons so you can move more quickly.

Types of combat[]


Unarmed combat is mostly used in brawls with NPCs although it is the default behaviour if the player character has no equipped weapon. Two of the playable races, Khajiit and Argonian, have some base unarmed damage given that both races have claws of some sort.


One-handed combat relies on skill points in the One-handed skill tree and the use of one-handed weapons. Additionally, one-handed weapons can be dual wielded.


Two-handed combat relies on skill points in the Two-handed skill tree and the use of two-handed weapons.


Archery is ranged two-handed combat.


Magic attacks consist mainly of Destruction spells, but also the use of staves and scrolls.

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