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Azzada Lylvieve
Dragon Bridge
Lylvieve House Key

Azzada Lylvieve is the patriarch of the Lylvieve family in Dragon Bridge. He can usually be found chopping wood just outside the family home.

Azzada is originally from Markarth, where he grew up as an orphan in the streets. An old warrior named "Logrolf the Bent" took care of him and enabled him to leave Markarth. Azzada came to Dragon Bridge and there he met his current wife Michel. Now he lives in the village with her and their two children, their daughter Julienne and their youngest son Clinton.

Because of current events and the threat of war, he is very worried about his family. The fear that a dragon will appear or that the armies of the Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks will fight over the strategically important bridge make him lose sleep at night. Another annoyance for him is the arrogance of the soldiers who believe that they can afford anything. They spent the night in the village hostel without paying their bill. They said "Soldiers don't have to pay anything ... because they risk their lives to protect the inhabitants" and one of the soldiers even wanted to touch his daughter.

Azzada buys wheat, cabbage and potatos.


  • Azzada mentions that a man named "Logrolf the Bent" saved him in the streets of Markarth. It is possible that this is Logrolf the Willful, a priest of Boethiah.