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Bandit (male, Nord)
Bandit male
male and female
Attack Type(s)

Bandits are humanoid hostiles that usually carry Light Armor, coins, and weapons like Daggers, Swords and Bows. They can belong to any race and be either gender.

Can be encountered at random, more often in Whiterun region.

Variations[ | ]

  • Bandit – The most basic version.
  • Bandit Outlaw – this bandit is slightly tougher then the average bandit including better armor spells weapons etc they have about 120 health compared to the average bandit who has 35. They are unlocked in the world at level 5.
  • Bandit Thug – They are unlocked in the world at level 9.
  • Bandit Highwayman – They are unlocked in the world at level 14.
  • Bandit Plunderer – They are unlocked in the world at level 19.
  • Bandit Marauder – this bandit usually has iron or leather armor in early levels and two-handed weapons within the game Skyrim. You can see a variant of the Bandit Marauder fighting the Imperial Legion in this video.
  • Bandit Chief – this bandit is typically the object of a bounty and the hardest to kill. They are equipped with Heavy Armor and either a shield and one-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon. The types of armor they can wear are Steel, Steel Plate and Nordic Carved.

Who are Bandits?[ | ]

Bandits are notorious looters and thieves. They can mostly be found in camps, caves or on the road.

At Dragonsreach you can obtain Quests which require you to kill bandit leaders. Leaders don't usually have any extraordinary abilities.

Bandits don't have their own Faction, and mostly move in groups.

Bandit camps are always good to clear out, for there might be anything from bread to rubies there.