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Bandit Leader's Journal
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A journal describing the location of a hidden cache of treasure



5th of First Seed, 4E 201 / Idiots! Brodir and Herd were at each others' throats again today, and nearly came to blows. The whole camp is on edge. I've ordered an extra ration of mead, but unless this fighting stops, we'll tear outselves apart. / 11th of First Seed, 4E 201 / Rumor is that Herd's gathering followers for a mutiny. Brodir's not stupid; he's probably doing the same, just for insurance. I'd kill them both myself, but the camp's split right down the middle. If I tried, there'd be a knife in my back within a week. / I can't take this anymore. I've begun skimming a little gold from the take, bringing it down here when I can. If I can scrape enough together, I'll make a run for it, head downriver to Dragon Bridge.
28th of First Seed, 4E 201 / Brodir's getting suspicious-- I caught him poking around in the cove this afternoon. I don't think he found my stash, but it's not safe here. I took the boat out tonight and stowed it on the island to the south, by the old tree stump. / Had a good haul this week. Another caravan or two and I can finally get out of here, and not a moment too soon.