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Clan Volkihar
Beyond Death
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Chasing Echoes
Quest Giver
Soul Cairn
Summon Durnehviir shout
Followed by
Seeking Disclosure
Quest Objectives


The Soul Cairn is a truly desolate space, but there is a lot to explore here.

Locate Valerica[]

The quickest way to Valerica is simply to follow the main north-eastern path to the Boneyard. At the gate to it Valerica will be found, apparently imprisoned some form of field.

Speak to Valerica[]

Apparently the barrier can only be shut down by defeating three Boneyard Keepers, spread out over the Soul Cairn.

Kill the Boneyard Keepers[]

Each one of the Keepers is marked on the map, so locating them is not much of a problem.

Speak to Valerica[]

After defeating the Keepers, the barrier deactivates...

Follow Valerica[]

... and Valerica will lead the Dragonborn to the Boneyard.

Slay Durnehviir[]

But first Durnehviir needs to be "slain" there.

Retrieve the Elder Scroll[]

Then retrieve the Elder Scroll (Blood).

Speak to Valerica[]

And talk to Valerica again. She will stay behind in the Soul Cairn, but once Lord Harkon is dead the Dragonborn can come back to bring her home to Castle Volkihar.

Should part of the Dragonborn's soul have been trapped, i.e. the Dragonborn is not a vampire, then retrieve the Soul Essence Gem from the chest of a maze-like building nearby.

Note: When exiting the Boneyard, Durnehviir will reappear and ask the Dragonborn for a favour, i.e. needing help to flee the cairn, thereby the Dragonborn learns the shout Summon Durnehviir and begins Durnehviir's quest.

Return to Tamriel[]

Return to the portal and leave the Soul Cairn with Serana.