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Black Book: The Sallow Regent
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Dragonborn DLC
Quest Giver
Black Book: The Sallow Regent
White Ridge Sanctum
Seeker of Might, or
Seeker of Shadows, or
Seeker of Sorcery
Quest Objectives


After defeating the dragon priest Dukaan, the Dragonborn finds an altar which holds the book.

Tip: Using the Candlelight spell is recommended.

Read the book[]

The Dragonborn reads the book which transports him/her to the realm of Apocrypha.

Survive the trip through Apocrypha[]

The Dragonborn must then defeat the lurkers and seekers along the way until he/she reaches another black book. Upon reading the book, three balls of green light appear, each corresponding to a new ability. The Dragonborn then chooses one and is transported back to White Ridge Sanctum.