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Blacksmiths are merchants that sell weapons, armors, and mining materials. They can be found throughout Skyrim, but most often in the capitals, cities, and towns.

They are most often found with smithing equipment such as forges, workbenches, grindstones and sometimes even smelters, and also sell smithing supplies such as leather and ingots, lockpicks, pelts, hides, weapons, and armor. However, not all blacksmiths own smithing equipment; some of them simply buy and sell goods.

List of Blacksmiths[]

Name Hold City/Town Establishment Notes
Eorlund Gray-Mane Whiterun Hold Whiterun Skyforge Only person who can forge/sell Skyforge Steel weapons, armor, and ingots
Adrianne Avenicci Whiterun Hold Whiterun Warmaiden's
Beirand Haafingar Solitude Solitude Blacksmith
Alvor Whiterun (hold) Riverwood Alvor and Sigrid's House
Balimund The Rift Riften The Scorched Hammer
Asbjorn Fire-Tamer The Rift Riften The Scorched Hammer Only available if Balimund dies
Oengul War-Anvil Eastmarch Windhelm Blacksmith Quarters
Ghorza gra-Bagol The Reach Markarth Markarth Forge
Glover Mallory N/A Raven Rock Glover Mallory's House Only available with the Dragonborn DLC
Lod Falkreath Hold Falkreath Lod's House
Moth gro-Bagol The Reach Markarth Understone Keep
Rustleif The Pale Dawnstar Rustleif's House
Filnjar The Rift Shor's Stone Filnjar's House
Arnskar Ember-Master The Rift Riften The Ragged Flagon Must complete three special jobs for the Thieves Guild
Dushnamub Eastmarch Gloombound Mine
Baldor Iron-Shaper N/A Skaal Village Baldor Iron-Shaper's House Only available with the Dragonborn DLC