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Bloated Man's Grotto


Bloated Man's Grotto

Bloated Man's Grotto is a small cave which leads to a glade inhabited by spriggans and cave bears. It is situated in the hills west of Brittleshin Pass, south of Sleeping Tree Camp and north of Lake Ilinalta.

Inside is a shrine to Talos at the foot of which is Bolar's Oathblade accompanied by a pedestal containing Bolar's Writ.


Items of Note[]

  • Dive into the small pond, at the base of the waterfall near the entrance, to discover a chest containing items with a value of ~950 Gold.png (L30).
  • Near the base of the upper waterfall, to the very north of the cave entrance, an intrepid climber can find a Gold Ore Vein.
  • On the altar of the Talos Shrine a Greater Soul Gem can be found (at L30).


  • During the quest Ill Met by Moonlight, the grotto changes quite a bit: a red moon in the sky casts reddish light on the previously very green scene, a hunter camp is set up, the direct south-western path is blocked by fallen trees, and of course all the hunters who now roam the grotto.