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The art of blocking an enemy's blows with a shield or weapon. You can block attacks with a shield or equipped weapon by holding Right mouse button. You can only block with a one-handed weapon if the weapon is in your right hand and your left hand is empty. If you are wielding two weapons, you can't block at all.

A blocked blow or arrow will still do some damage, and use up some stamina. Enemy power attacks cannot be fully blocked, though their damage and staggering effects will be reduced. Shields are more effective at blocking than weapons, and can also block arrow damage.

As your Block skill increases, you can block attacks more effectively, and with less of a stamina cost. You can also select perks that allow you to reduce the damage of spells and dragon breath attacks.

While blocking, you can perform a bash attack. Continue to hold Right mouse button and tap Left mouse button to perform a Quick Bash that has a chance of staggering enemies. Hold Right mouse button and hold Left mouse button to perform a stronger Power Bash that sends enemies flying. Both kinds of bashes require Stamina; if your Stamina bar is too low, you cannot bash.

Strategies[ | ]

Block quick, lighter attacks. Bash power attacks, or when an enemy's defenses are down, then quickly counterattack with a flurry of light attacks or a power attack of your own. This skill can also be augmented with potions which Fortify Blocking

Perks[ | ]

Perks Requirements Description (Ranks)
Shield Wall None Blocking is 20% more effective.
Block 20 Blocking is 25% more effective.
Block 40 Blocking is 30% more effective.
Block 60 Blocking is 35% more effective.
Block 80 Blocking is 40% more effective.
Power Bash Block 30, Shield Wall Able to do a power bash.
Quick Reflexes Block 30, Shield Wall Time slows down if you are blocking during an enemy's power attack.
Deflect Arrows Block 30, Shield Wall Arrows that hit the shield do no damage.
Deadly Bash Block 50, Power Bash Bashing does more damage.
Disarming Bash Block 50, Deadly Bash Chance to disarm when power bashing with a shield.
Elemental Protection Block 50, Deflect Arrows Blocking with a shield reduces incoming fire, frost, and shock damage by 50%.
Block Runner Block 70, Elemental Protection Able to move faster with a shield or weapon raised.
Shield Charge Block 100, Disarming Bash or Block Runner Sprinting with a shield raised knocks down most targets.

Trainers[ | ]

Skillbooks[ | ]

Apparel[ | ]

Minor Blocking Blocking Major Blocking Eminent Blocking Exteme Blocking Peerless Blocking

Notes[ | ]

  1. The Amulet of Stendarr only increases blocking by 10%.
  2. The Shield of Solitude is a levelled item and so can provide anywhere from 15% to 35% more damage blocking depending on the player's level.