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Blood on the Ice
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Quest Giver
Windhelm Guard
Strange Amulet / Necromancer Amulet
Quest Objectives

Windhelm is plagued by a shadowy killer. I have been asked to help investigate the latest murder.

— Dragonborn


At the Windhelm graveyard you will encounter a guard looking into the quite recent murder of Susanna. Talking to the guard will launch the quest.

Get assistance from Jorleif[]

But before the Dragonborn can look into the matter, the proper authorization is required. For this visit the Palace of the Kings and talk to the steward Jorleif who will gladly let you help out.

Question the witnesses[]

Return to the guard at the graveyard, who will suggest to talk to the three witnesses there: Calixto Corrium did not see much of the murderer but does suggest it was a "him"; Silda the Unseen only heard a cry but was too late at the murder scene; and Helgird noting that a purse was still on the body, suggesting this was not a robbery.

Report to the guard[]

Report the little info gathered to the guard, who suggests a further talk with Jorleif, but also brings up the examination of the crime scene, i.e. a blood trail needs to be followed from the graveyard into the city.

Talk to Jorleif[]

The talk does not seem to yield much.

Examine the crime scene[]

But looking around, the Dragonborn is able to follow the blood trail, ending up at the Hjerim house.

Talk to Helgird[]

As mortician, Helgird took the body to the Hall of the Dead, a visit may enlighten.

Get access to Hjerim[]

  • Once at the door, simply unlocking it with lockpicks will get you into the building.
  • You can also look for mother of the girl who was murdered, Tova Shatter-Shield is said to have the key to the house. She can be found in "House of Clan Shatter-Shield" (the house on the left if you are looking at "Hjerim"). Just tell her that you want to find out who did this and she will give you the key.

Look for clues[]

There are several clues to be found:

  • In a chest Beware the Butcher! and Butcher Journal #1 give first hints at the overall situation, and who the murderer might be.
  • Among more of the flyers in a desk there is a Strange Amulet.
  • And inside a wardrobe a "False Back Panel" is revealed, opening up to a secret room where a very bloody scene is presented. Here the Butcher Journal #2 can be found.
  • On the upper floor two chairs are arranged in a strange manner on the bed. (?)

Follow up on the clues from Hjerim[]

Jorleif then suggests: talking to Calixto Corrium may help in regard to finding out about the amulet, and to Viola Giordano who has been printing all those warning flyers.

  • Talking to Calixto reveals that the amulet is related to necromancy, and that only a court mage, in fact the Jarl's wizard would own one like that. Calixto further offers to buy the amulet for 500 Gold.png. (Selling the amulet might impede the case.) This is incriminating evidence against Wuunferth the Unliving, as it seems.
  • Talking to Viola has her suggesting to talk to Jorleif about the journals, especially since the Wuunferth is supposedly a very dangerous man and should not be dealt with directly, better to let the steward handle the matter.

Meet Viola outside of Hjerim[]

If you have not already picked up a journal form Hjerim, then Viola will take an interest in the house and suggest looking there.

Investigate Hjerim with Viola[]

Viola will follow you around the house making comments.

Talk to Jorleif[]

Now the Dragonborn has a choice:

  • Either directly talk to Jorleif with all the evidence at hand, this will get Wuunferth condemned and arrested. Not really in the Dragonborn's interest since the mage sells interesting goods. But it may be the right thing to do. (Choosing this path could reveal that the real murderer is still about.)
  • Alternately, the Dragonborn might go by instinct and talk to the wise Wuunferth first. This reveals several interesting things: Wuunferth points out that the amulet has to do with necromancy, but that he never practised such arts. Furthermore he points out to never have written a journal. Wuunferth's own investigations let him actually predict when the next murder will occur and where.

Patrol the streets of the Stone Quarter at night[]

Trusting Wuunferth's word the Dragonborn patrols the market place, south of the graveyard, at night. After midnight the murderer should show up. A slow reaction would let the next victim die, a quick reaction lets the Dragonborn kill the murderer just in time.

Catch the murderer[]

As it turns out the murderer is Calixto, who had been deliberately lying about the amulet, trying to frame Wuunferth. Killing Calixto on the spot, pretty much avoids a catch up game. (Possibly a chase may lead to some hideout.)

Talk to Jorleif[]

Now talking to Jorleif, with the murderer dead, closes the case. No Gold.png reward though.


  • Despite several fixes with the released patches of the game, this quest is still quite buggy / temperamental.
  • "Get assistance from Jorleif" does not get checked, even after talking to him.
  • If the player sides with the Imperials, and proceeds to finish the Civil War questline before triggering the quest, it may not be possible to start, as the crimescene will have despawned [1]. Typing "Startquest ms11" into the Console may allow you to start the quest, though some voice lines will not be updated to coincide with your position in the Civil War.