Briarheart Necropsy

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Briarheart Necropsy
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Telvanni Research
Quest Giver
Tel Mithryn, western Skyrim
250 Gold.png
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After the quest Telvanni Research the Dragonborn can ask if Neloth has a problem that needs solving, and yet again the wizard has.

Neloth is interested in exploring how the Briar Heart is implanted and used by some of the Forsworn warriors in the western part of Skyrim. For this the wizard puts a memory spell on the Dragonborn so that everything seen will be remembered.

Examine a Briarheart warrior[edit | edit source]

Find and kill a Forsworn warrior in western Skyrim. There are several camps around Markarth that should do, e.g. down the stairs of Bard's Leap Summit. "Harvest" a Forsworn Briarheart and then return to Solstheim.

Talk to Neloth[edit | edit source]

Back with Neloth, he extracts the memories from the Dragonborn and pays a rather shabby reward in gold for the effort.