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Broken Oar Grotto


Broken Oar Grotto

Broken Oar Grotto is a cave located on the north coast of Skyrim, almost directly north of the city of Solitude. It is there that Jaree-Ra retreats after double-crossing the Dragonborn. Inside the grotto are the following amenities:

This is also one of the possible locations of Kharjo's Moon Amulet and/or Noster's Helmet.



Items of Note[]

  • At the entrance, dive just under the boat stuck in the rock slide: Chest ~550 Gold.png value (L54).
  • At the far end of the cave, another sunken boat has a large chest on deck, use Hargar's Chest Key to open it: Chest ~830 Gold.png value (L54).
  • Books ×17, a copy of Cherim's Heart, potion ×5, poison, Iron Ore Vein ×2, and Corundum Ore Vein.
  • Banded Iron Shield and a Silver Amethyst Ring on bed-side table.
  • Chests ~340, ~340, ~180 Gold.png value (L54).
  • Hargar's Journal, details that Jaree-Ra is actively searching a scapegoat to take the blame for his next big plan, and that someone stupid enough should be out there. This is part of the background story to the quest Lights Out!. And the one potentially stupid enough, of course, is the Dragonborn. The journal also explains the boat stuck in the entrance cave wall; a landslide occurred trapping all the Blackblood ships in the cave.