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Canis Root
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Canis Root is an ingredient used to craft potions for Alchemy.


  • Just southwest of Ruins of Bthalft
  • East of Autumnwatch Tower, just below the snowline
  • Northwestern coast of Skyrim, just north of Solitude, in the shoreline between the Solitude Lighthouse and the northwestern limits of the map.
  • Around the swamp area southeast of Folgunthur, at least six plants were found
  • Around the area of The Apprentice Stone at least eight plants were found
  • Outside of Pinepeak Cavern if you follow the river down the waterfall one plant can be found near the base of the waterfall. Keep following the river to find more plants check both sides of the river
  • Around Morthal
  • Three can be found on a shelf inside Faralda's room inside the Hall of Countenance at the College of Winterhold.
  • One can be found between some rocks near the Riften Stables.
  • One can be found in front of a rock by the shoreline at Merryfair Farm.
  • Four can be found around the cliff face by the unmarked watchtowers alongside the road leading to Riften Stables.
  • One can be found in front of the last house with the adept locked chest at Northwind Summit, a second can be found if you climb the mountain directly behind the house to the left of the Word Wall there is one next to a tree.
  • Two can be found east of Fort Greenwall along the road if front of two separate rock faces.
  • Found at least eight when traveling the river north that runs through Ivarstead.
  • Six can be found around rocky outcrops when traveling from Autumnshade Clearing toward the lake to the south.
  • Two can be found outside Greenwall Cave.
  • Two can be found in Shor's Stone one behind Filnjar's house and one to the right of cobblestone path leading south.

In the wild[]

Canis root plants in the wild