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Castle Dour

Castle Dour is the residence of the Emperor of Skyrim and the headquarters of the Imperial Legion. It is a large fortified structure which dominates the city of Solitude.



Castle Dour[]

The main part of the dour, where the main strategic decisions are being made, concerning the Civil War by General Tullius.

Aminities: Arcane enchanter, alchemy lab, bed and strategic map.

Castle Dour Dungeon[]

Includes cells, including a Prisoner Belongings Chest and Evidence Chest. The southern cell features a Crumbling Mortar wall leading out to a secret passage exiting behind Angeline's Aromatics.

There is a female prisoner in one cell named Bjartur, interaction not normally possible.

Emperor's Tower[]

Initially cannot be accessed, requiring a key for the main areas, though the back door on the upper floor opens one room.

Temple of the Divines[]

Off the main dour yard the Temple of the Divines opens up.

Thalmor Headquarters[]

The location was suddenly abandoned by the Thalmor and they never returned. The main room features a strategic map though.


Items of Note[]