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Cleansing the Stones
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The Fate of the Skaal
Quest Giver
Storn Crag-Strider
Skaal Village, Saering's Watch, Wind Stone
the powers provided by the stones
Followed by
The Path of Knowledge
Quest Objectives


After having learned the first word of the Bend Will shout the Dragonborn cleansed the Wind Stone, freeing the inhabitants of Skaal Village from Miraak's hypnotic trance. Storn Crag-Strider then suggests cleansing the other four corrupted stones as well, to weaken Miraak.

The Dragonborn travels to each stone and uses the Bend Will shout on it.

Tip: As with the Wind Stone the cleansing of the stones spawns beasts from Apocrypha that indiscriminately kill the workers there. So it is advisable to swiftly kill the abominations, ensuring no named NPC dies. To avoid losing follow-up quests from these very NPCs.

Cleanse the Water Stone[]

This spawns one Lurker at the Water Stone.

Cleanse the Earth Stone[]

This spawns two Lurkers at the Earth Stone.

Cleanse the Beast Stone[]

This spawns one Lurker at the Beast Stone.

Cleanse the Sun Stone[]

This spawns three Lurkers at the Sun Stone.

The cleansed stones now provide special powers to the Dragonborn that can be used once, to then need "recharging" by reactivating the same stone again.

Now all stones a cleansed except for the Tree Stone at The Temple of Miraak.