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Clearspring Tarn

Clearspring Cave

Clearspring Tarn

Clearspring Tarn is a small mountain lake located almost exactly halfway between Snapleg Cave and Northwind Summit, north-east of the Rift Watchtower.


Clearspring Cave[]

A small unmarked cave adjacent to Clearspring Tarn. It is just north of the tarn, and lower down the cliff. A troll may be lurking here.


Items of Note[]

  • To the east of pond, up a hill: Gold Ore Vein.
  • To the south-east, into the rocks: Iron Ore Vein.
  • Diving into the pond reveals a Chest ~370 Gold.png value (L46).

Clearspring Cave:


  • Trying to approach Clearspring Tarn from the lower lands in the north, will not work for the follower AI, the broken pathing makes the follower turn back.