Coming of Age
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Quest Giver
Ironbind Barrow
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Quest Objectives


While exploring Skyrim, the Dragonborn may encounter Salma and Beem-Ja arguing outside of the Ironbind Barrow. Salma suggests that there is enough treasure to be had inside for all three of them and invites the Dragonborn to join them in the treasure hunt.

Help a daring adventurer and her companion retrieve their riches

If the Dragonborn accepts, simply following the two adventurers into the barrow, helping them defeat any enemies that gets in the way, and solve an occasional puzzle, the group finally confronts Warlord Gathrik (a levelled draugr, or dragon priest).

Once Gathrik has been defeated, Beem-Ja reveals himself to be a necromancer intent on killing the Dragonborn in order to absorb Gathrik's power.

Once Beem-Ja has been defeated (and possibly Gathrik again, if Beem-Ja manages to reanimate him), Salma declares that she never cared for treasures, she only wanted an adventure, but not for things to turn out like this and now needs time to reflect.

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