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Containers are found all over Skyrim, both indoors and outside. They often have loot. Empty containers are labelled as such when moused over.

When you open a container, the Containers menu appears. Items above the divider line are in the container, and items below the line are in your own inventory.

  • To take an item from the container, select it and press E.
  • To take everything in the container, press R.
  • To store an item in the container, select it in your inventory and press E.

Warning![ | ]

Do not leave things in containers that you do not own! They may not be there when you come back for them. If you want to store items permanently, consider buying a house. Items can be stored safely in any containers in your own home.

Types of containers include barrels, baskets, buckets, chests, safes, coin purses, strongboxes, satchels. Some pieces of furniture, like dressers, cupboards, end tables, bookshelves and wardrobes can also contain items.

There are also plants which contain alchemical ingredients and hanging items which can contain either ingredients or food items

Gallery[ | ]

Chests[ | ]

Smaller containers[ | ]

Hanging containers[ | ]

Barrels and urns[ | ]

Nests[ | ]

The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire[ | ]

In the Hearthfire DLC, the Dragonborn can build a homestead and furnish it with various items classified as "Containers". These include: