Dark Brotherhood
Contract: Kill Safia
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Contract: Kill Maluril
Contract: Kill Helvard
Quest Giver
Red Wave
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 750 Gold.png at L68
Quest Objectives

The final contract from Nazir becomes available after finishing those from the fifth set, i.e. after finishing Contract: Kill Maluril and Contract: Kill Helvard.


Kill Safia

The Dragonborn is sent to the Red Wave at the Solitude docks to kill none other than its apparently bloodthirsty pirate captain Safia.

Tip: If you are lucky the crew may be indifferent to boarding their ship, so a sneak kill of the captain should get you out again without having to fight the crew. Though during the day she may be sitting together with some of her crew members, so wait until night for her to be alone, avoiding witnesses.

Report back to Nazir

Return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and listen to Nazir sarcastic comment about your latest exploit, and collect the reward.

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