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The basic game controls can be accessed on the System Tab menu (Esc), and selecting Controls in the list of options.

Controls can be mapped to new hotkeys by selecting the control, pressing Enter and then pressing the new hotkey.

The default control settings are:

Command PC Version PS3 version XBox 360 Version
Forward W R Analog Up
Back S R Analog Down
Strafe Left A R Analog Left
Strafe Right D R Analog Right
Left Hand M2 L1 Left Trigger
Right Hand M1 R1 Right Trigger
Dual Cast M1 and M2 L1 + R1 Left and Right Triggers
Activate E X A (green)
Ready/Sheathe R Square X (blue)
Character Menu Tab Circle B (red)
Toggle POV F R3 Right stick, click down
Jump Space Triangle Y (yellow)
Sprint Alt L2 Left-hand bumper
Shout/Power Z R2 Right-hand bumper
Sneak Ctrl L3 Left stick, click down
Run Shift
Toggle Always Run Caps
Auto-Move C
Favorites Q D-pad up D-pad Up
Quicksave F5
Quickload F9
Wait T Select Back
Journal J Start Start
System Tab Esc
Quick Inventory I
Quick Magic P
Quick Stats ?/
Quick Map M
Activate Console (PC only) ~