Crescius Caerellius

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Crescius Caerellius
Raven Rock
Caerellius House Key

Crescius Caerellius an ex-miner married to Aphia Velothi.

The old man obsesses with his great grandfather, Gratian Caerellius, who supposedly had an accident 200 years ago at the Raven Rock Mine according to the East Empire Company. Recently Crescius uncovered evidence that leads him to believe that something different happened back then, and as a miner he certainly does not believe that part of the stable mine suddenly collapsed. Crescius exploration of the mine, wanting to find the remains of Gratian, have led to a small accident, greatly worrying Aphia.

The Dragonborn can take on the job of exploring the mine for the old man in The Final Descent. After the quest, operations at the mine commence again, and Caerellius is promoted to foreman of the now working ebony mine.

Quests[edit | edit source]