Cronvangr Cave
CronvangrCave interior.jpg
Vampire lair behind the secret door


Cronvangr Cave is a cave located due east and across the river from Mixwater Mill. Inside are a number of Frostbite Spiders and a hidden vampire lair. It is also one of the possible locations of Queen Freydis's Sword. There is also an Iron Ore Vein inside.

In the first large chamber, there is a button on the wall which activates a secret door. Behind the secret door, in the hallway leading to the vampire lair, there is a pressure sensitive fire trap. Inside the vampire lair, there is a cabin, an alchemy lab, an arcane enchanter, and also several vampires.


Cronvangr Bloodlair

This area contains several frostbite spiders, including one Giant Frostbite Spider. There is also a Moonstone Ore Vein in this area.

Items of Note


  • Behind a web: Chest ~320 Gold.png value (L42).
  • Chest ~700 Gold.png value (L42).
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