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Forging the complete Daedric Armor Set requires level 90 smithing, Daedra Hearts and Ebony Ingots. Conjurers who have completed their Ritual Spell at level 90 can also create Daedric armor at the Atronach Forge.

It has a higher armor rating than dragon armor but weighs more.

Set Items:[edit | edit source]

Rating for the complete set[edit | edit source]

  • Armor: 144
  • Weight: 96
  • Value: 7650

Note: The armor values are BASE VALUES. They vary greatly for each player and are dependent upon Heavy Armor skill level and perks.

Smithing ingredients[edit | edit source]

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

A free but difficult way to get four hearts is by going to Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (if you are between Dawnstar and Morthal it is just to the southeast). Nearing the entrance you will encounter two Dremora Markynaz which drop one Daedra Heart each. Inside the shrine you'll meet two Dremora Churl who also drop one Deadra heart each upon death. Note: hard for low level players, but can be repeated every 7 game days for more hearts.

Three Daedra hearts can be gained by completing the Daedric quest for Azura's Star given by Azura the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn. For the final stage of the quest, the player will go into the star itself during the quest and fight three Daedra who each drop one Daedra Heart. This may prove difficult for low level characters due to the fact that the Daedra are powerful Destruction Mages, but any player over level thirty should be fine provided they are careful. The Slow Time Dragon Shout may prove particularly helpful. As a bonus, the player will obtain a reusable soul gem that can constantly be refilled and reused to charge weapons or devices.

Alternatively, there is a single daedra heart sitting on a plate in Jorrvaskr, in the room next to Kodlak Whitemane's personal quarters at the far end of the hallway below ground. It will refresh every so often after a few in-game days have passed without you visiting the building, so you can repeatedly steal the heart over the course of many days if you are patient enough to wait for it to come back or just go do something else. Of course, it becomes yours should you become Harbinger and nobody will report you if they see you taking your own property.

Occasionally, a Summoned Daedra can be attacked and drop a heart. For example, using Sanguine Rose to summon a Dremora and killing it will sometimes yield the heart (although this could just be a glitch, unconfirmed).