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Entrance to the Darkfall Cave

The portal to the Darkfall Passage

Darkfall Passage

Darkfall Passage cave, near Wayshrine

The Wayshrine of Illumination

Darkfall Cave

Darkfall Cave is a cave located to the south-west of Mor Khazgur and provides the only way into the Forgotten Vale. It is the location of the fabled Auriel's Bow.

Frostbite Spiders, and a giant one await the adventurer.

After a bridge collapses a long-winding path leads to a crossing, a dead Breton woman has a note on her body here, warning of trolls nearby. To the west will lead to the exit. In the north a hidden switch will open up a short-cut passage, and the path to the east leads through a huge cave with four trolls, and also to a Shrine of Auriel. Some apparently sunken-into-the-ground structure awaits activation (only via quest).



Darkfall Passage[]

The cavern becomes accessible via portal that Gelebor opens. Here the Wayshrine "pilgrimage" begins. Chaurus (×8), Falmer (×15) and a few unique Vale Sabre Cats (×3) and Vale Deer (×4) populate the passage. Gleamblossoms (×33) and Poison Blooms make up this unique habitat.

Two skeletons have the Darkfall Passage Note I and Darkfall Passage Note II on them.

At the end of the path the Wayshrine of Illumination awaits, leading to the Forgotten Vale.


Items of Note[]

Darkfall Passage: