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Dead Men's Respite

Dead Men's Respite

Dead Men's Respite is a Nordic ruin located south-west of Morthal. Here, the Dragonborn will meet a ghost named Svaknir and King Olaf One-Eye. The ruin also contains the Ruby Dragon Claw, an arcane enchanter and a word wall with the one of the Words of Power for Whirlwind Sprint. Many draugr (×31) and Frostbite Spiders (×2) will stand in the way of the Dragonborn.



Wolf Hawk Wolf
  • To get across a narrow bridge with pendulum blades, good timing and Whirlwind Sprint should help. The gate to the bridge also has an Adept level Trap/Lock which disarms the pendulum blades.
  • To unlock the combination on the huge stone gate look at the Ruby Dragon Claw in the inventory, to discover the required combination: Wolf, Hawk, Wolf (from outer to innermost ring).

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