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Quest Giver
read Deathbrand
Solstheim, Gyldenhul Barrow
Deathbrand Armor Set,
access to Gyldenhul Barrow
Quest Objectives


The adventure begins with receiving the miscellaneous quest "Search for the treasure of Haknir Death-Brand" when innkeeper Geldis Sadri in Raven Rock mentions the rumour. The quest is closed once the Deathbrand Treasure Map is found on the body of a pirate captain in Haknir's Shoal.

Learn more about the buried treasure

This quest then begins when the Dragonborn reads Deathbrand.

Use the Deathbrand Treasure Map to find the treasure

Reading the Deathbrand Treasure Map will reveal the locations of the ancient treasure chests that are marked out on Solstheim. None of the chests are hidden and they are usually guarded by treasure seekers, who have already conveniently dug out the chests.

Note: These chests cannot be found before the quest is started.

The chests can be found at these locations:

Explore Gyldenhul Barrow

Travel to the north-west side of Horker Island and enter Gyldenhul Barrow, the Gyldenhul Barrow Key will now unlock the iron gate to an opulent treasure chamber containing many valuable items among them 80 Piles of Gold worth ~7910 Gold.png at L71.

Defeat Haknir Death-Brand

Onward into the main chamber to face and defeat Haknir Death-Brand. On his body the Soulrender can be found, and in the the chamber the Bloodscythe.

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