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College of Winterhold
Destruction Ritual Spell
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Reach 100 skill points in Destruction
Quest Giver
Windward Ruins
North Skybound Watch
Four Skull Lookout
Fire Storm
Quest Objectives

You have mastered Destruction spells, what is next?


The quest is activated after reaching level 90 in Destruction and then talking to Faralda, the Altmer Destruction trainer at the College of Winterhold. However, the corresponding dialogue with Faralda cannot trigger the quest until the Dragonborn's Destruction skill has reached level 100.

If you ask her

"What else is there to be learned about Destruction magic?",

she will give you a book called Power of the Elements.

The first clue[]

Initially, the book has only one page of text which is a clue in the form of a poem indicating the location of the first of three pedestals on which the book must be placed.

Northward, haunted
northern coastline

And south, Dwemer
live and toil,

A simple place,
a shield from draft.

At this stand
wield mage's craft

So fierce the sea will boil.

This poem actually indicates the Windward Ruins as the location and that the spell to be cast on the book/pedestal is a fire spell (Flames work well). Once complete, take the book back and read it again. A new page of text will have appeared.

The Second clue[]

Under Greybeards'
morning shadow

At this northern
watch, long lost

Nirn's hoary Throat
does scrape the sky.

Here unleash a chilling cry
And gild this stand with frost.

This poem indicates that the next pedestal is located at the foot of the Throat of the World, at North Skybound Watch and that the spell to be cast is a frost spell (Frostbite works well). Once complete, take the book back and read it again. Another page of text will have appeared.

The Third clue[]

Over western
river waters,

By Karth bounded,
south and north

On mountains sits
a humble crown.

Sky's wrath on this stand
bring forth

To shake these snowcaps down.

This third clue suggests somewhere not far from Karthwasten; specifically Four Skull Lookout and that the spell to be cast is a lightning spell (Sparks work well). Once again, take the book back and read it. More text will have appeared.

Ritual complete[]

Elemental magic wielded,
Elemental thoughts displayed.
Havoc wrought as if for sport,
Efforts to impress fall short.
I'll merely use a blade.

Seeking study, wanting learning,
Recklessly aroused my rage!
My pupil you would be, or more?
Presume not of Shalidor,
You feeble, foolish mage!

Quickly dispatched, worthless weakling,
Though this tome I gladly claim.
A diamond in the rough, I find,
Shining gem from feeble mind.
Now die, and curse my name!

Reading this last passage grants the spell Fire Storm (no tome required). Thereafter, Faralda will sell the tomes for Blizzard and Lightning Storm.


Tip: The locations hinted at are all Nordic dwellings Nordic Dwelling, reducing the number of possible locations on the Skyrim map significantly.