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The Dragon Language, properly known as Thu'um, is the means by which dragons, and in fact the Dragonborn, use to breathe fire and frost attacks towards enemies. The player actually learns the language in order to gain the ability to do "shouts". One learns these abilites by raiding dungeons across skyrim and learning new words that are carved into the walls. There are 24 shouts (of what we know), comprised of one, two or three words, as one continues to learn the language with the help of the Graybeards atop High Hrothgar. The player gains the words and shouts by reading them mystically off curved carved walls in dungeons and certain above-ground sites. Barrows are often found to have Thu'um walls.

Dragon Alphabet[]

The Dragon alphabet consists of 34 distinct runic symbols. While most have direct English-letter equivalents, some represent sounds English uses two letter to represent, such as "th" and "ch". Full Shouts are mastered with the discovery and activation (by spending stored Dragon Souls from slain Dragon foes) of three-word phrases. The complete alphabet is as follows:

Common Words[]

With a passing familiarity of the alphabet, you can now learn the following common words, which are listed in Dragon first, and then their English equivalent.

Dragon Word English Word Rune(s)
Aak Guide
Aal May (as in "May his soul")
Aan a/an
Aar Servant
Aav Join
Aaz Mercy
Ag Burn
Ah Hunter Hunter rune.png
Ahmik Service
Ahmul Husband
Ahkrin Courage
Ahrk And
Ahst At
Ahzid Bitter
Al Destroyer
Alok Arise
Alun Ever
Aus Suffer Suffer rune.png
Bah Wrath Wrath rune.png
Bahlok Hunger Hunger rune.png
Bein Foul
Beyn Scorn
Bodiis Borrow
Bonaar Humble
Bormah Father
Bovul Flee
Boziik Bold(ly)
Brendon Specter
Brii Beauty Beauty rune.png
Briinah Sister Sister rune.png
Brit Beautiful
Brod Clan
Brom North
Bron Nord
Bruniik Savage
Dah Push Push rune.png
Dahmaan Remember
Daal Return Return rune.png
Daar This/These This rune.png
Denek Soil
Dez Fate
Diin Freeze Freeze rune.png
Diiv Wyrm Wyrm rune.png
Diivon Swallow
Dir Die
Dinok Death
Dilon Dead
Do Of/About
Dok Hound
Dov Dragon, Dragonkind (referring to the race of dragons)
Dovah Dragon
Dovahgolz Dragonstone
Dovahkiin Dragonborn
Draal Pray
Dreh Do/Does
Drem Peace Peace rune.png
Drey Did ("drey kod" - "did wield")
Drog Lord
Drun Bring
Du Devour
Dukaan Dishonor
Dun Grace Grace rune.png
Dur Curse Curse rune.png
Dwiin Steel
Dwiirok Carve
Faas Fear Fear rune.png
Feim Fade Fade rune.png
Frul Temporary Temporary rune.png
Fus Force Force rune.png
Gaan Stamina Stamina rune.png
Gaar Unleash Unleash rune.png
Gol Earth Earth rune.png
Grah Battle Battle rune.png
Gron Bind Bind rune.png
Gut Far Far rune.png
Haal Hand Hand rune.png
Haas Health Health rune.png
Hah Mind Mind rune.png
Hun Hero Hero rune.png
Iiz Ice Ice rune.png
Joor Mortal Mortal rune.png
Kaal Champion Champion rune.png
Kaan Kyne Kyne rune.png
Kest Tempest Tempest rune.png
Klo Sand Sand rune.png
Konahrik Warlord DragonLanguage Kohnarik.png
Koor Summer Summer rune.png
Krah Cold Cold rune.png
Krii Kill Kill rune.png
Krosis Sorrow DragonLanguage Krosis.png
Laas Life Life rune.png
Lah Magicka Magicka rune.png
Lok Sky Sky rune.png
Lun Leech Leech rune.png
Maar Terror Terror rune.png
Mey Fool Fool rune.png
Mid Loyal Loyal rune.png
Mir Allegiance Allegiance rune.png
Mul Strength Strength rune.png
Nah Fury Fury rune.png
Neh Never Never rune.png
Nir Hunt Hunt rune.png
Nos Strike Strike rune.png
Nus Statue Statue rune.png
Od Snow Snow rune.png
Ov Trust Trust rune.png
Qah Armor Armor rune.png
Qo Lightning Lightning rune.png
Raan Animal Animal rune.png
Rii Essence Essence rune.png
Ro Balance Balance rune.png
Ru Run Run rune.png
Shaan Inspire Inspire rune.png
Shol Sun Sun rune.png
Slen Flesh Flesh rune.png
Strun Storm Storm rune.png
Su Air Air rune.png
Tah Pack Pack rune.png
Tiid Time Time rune.png
Toor Inferno Inferno rune.png
Ul Eternity Eternity rune.png
Vaaz Tear Tear rune.png
Vah Spring Spring rune.png
Ven Wind Wind rune.png
Viik Defeat Defeat rune.png
Viir Dying Dying rune.png
Viing Wing Wing rune.png
Vur Valor Valor rune.png
Wuld Whirlwind Whirlwind rune.png
Yah Seek Seek rune.png
Yol Fire Fire rune.png
Zah Finite Finite rune.png
Zii Spirit Spirit rune.png
Zol Zombie Zombie rune.png
Zoor Legend Legend rune.png
Zul Voice Voice rune.png
Zun Weapon Weapon rune.png

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