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Legend holds that the highest ranking Dragon Priests were granted magical masks — strange artifacts that defy the laws of time, and grant their wearers powerful enchantments.

— Game loading screen

There are nine Dragon Priest Masks in the main game, ten if you count the Wooden Mask:

Image Name Location
Volsung Volsung Volskygge Dungeon – Haafingar
Vokun Vokun High Gate Ruins – The Pale
Otar Otar Ragnvald – The Reach
Morokei Morokei Labyrinthian – Hjaalmarch
Rahgot Rahgot Forelhost – The Rift
Nahkriin Nahkriin Skuldafn – Other Realm during The World-Eater's Eyrie
Hevnoraak Hevnoraak Valthume – The Reach
Krosis Krosis Shearpoint – The Pale
Konahrik Konahrik Bromjunaar Sanctuary – Only after collecting the other nine masks.

The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn[ | ]

Four more masks can be obtained during the Dragonborn DLC:

Image Name Location
Ahzidal Ahzidal Kolbjorn Barrow – only during the quest Unearthed
Dukaan Dukaan White Ridge Sanctum
Miraak Miraak Apocrypha
Zahkriisos Zahkriisos Bloodskal Barrow