Dragon Claws are items found in game that act as keys to certain doors and puzzles throughout Skyrim. Each Dragon Claw has three glyphs on it. The glyphs must be used as a reference when the player encounters a door with three rotating wheels and an area where the claw itself can be placed. Turning each wheel to match the correct Dragon Claw glyphs, and inserting the Dragon Claw will allow entry to the room(s) beyond.


Each claw is unique. They are mostly made of precious gems or ores and are usually quite valuable. Each Dragon claw will open one specific puzzle door deep within the heart of an ancient Nordic dungeon. The solution to the puzzle door is written in the three circular animal glyphs on the underside of the claw. It is possible to examine the claw, and thus the solution, more closely in the Items menu by selecting the claw and pressing zoom.

Dragon Claws

Image Name Weight Value Top glyph Middle glyph Bottom glyph
CoralDragonClaw.png Coral Dragon Claw 0.5 150 Snake Wolf Moth
DiamondClaw.png Diamond Dragon Claw 0.5 1000 Fox Moth Dragon
EbonyClaw.png Ebony Dragon Claw 0.5 800 Fox Moth Dragon
EmeraldDragonClaw.png Emerald Dragon Claw 0.5 600 Bear Whale Snake
GlassClaw.png Glass Dragon Claw 0.5 700 Fox Owl Snake
GoldenClaw.png Golden Dragon Claw 0.5 100 Bear Moth Owl
IronClaw.png Iron Dragon Claw 0.5 75 Dragon Hawk Wolf
IvoryDragonClaw.png Ivory Dragon Claw 0.5 200 Hawk Hawk Dragon
RubyDragonClaw.png Ruby Dragon Claw 0.5 400 Wolf Hawk Wolf
SapphireDragonClaw.png Sapphire Dragon Claw 0.5 500 Moth Owl Wolf
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