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Dragonborn (quest)
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Find Cultists' Orders on Cultist.
Quest Giver
Skyrim, Northern Maiden, Raven Rock, The Temple of Miraak
Followed by
The Temple of Miraak
Quest Objectives


Exploring Skyrim the Dragonborn may run into strangely clad fanatics that immediately attack. These Cultists and their Orders to kill the Dragonborn start the quest, that will lead to the Dragonborn DLC island of Solstheim.

Find out who sent the Cultists[]

After surviving the attack of usually three cultists, the Dragonborn wonders where they came from, who sent them?

Read Cultists' Orders[]

On the body of one of the cultists the Dragonborn finds and reads the Cultists' Orders.

Travel to Solstheim[]

It turns out they were sent by someone called Miraak who sees himself as the only real "Dragonborn", and is out for the Dragonborn's life.

Apparently Miraak resides on the island of Solstheim, located to the north-west of Skyrim.

The only way to get there is by boat, and the Northern Maiden docked at the Solitude harbour, can take the Dragonborn to Solstheim. After convincing her captain, Gjalund Salt-Sage, sternly.

And so the Dragonborn reaches Solstheim, making landfall at the island's largest port, in Raven Rock.

Search for information about Miraak[]

Here the Dragonborn starts to question the natives about Miraak, who all tell the same story: they do not know the person, but seem to remember the name vaguely, as if in a dream. Further inquiry reveals that Miraak has a temple somewhere on the island. It turns out to be north-east of Raven Rock, dominating the landscape.

Reach the Temple of Miraak[]

Reaching the Temple of Miraak, approaching the central Tree Stone, concludes the quest.