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Quest Objectives

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, and Felldir the Old have come to help me defeat Alduin. Together, we used Clear Skies to dispel the evil mist in which Alduin was hiding. We fought and defeated him. Sovngarde and Skyrim are now free from the fear of his return. I have fulfilled my destiny as Dragonborn.

— the Dragonborn


The quest which finishes the main story line of Skyrim. During this quest you will fight the main dragon named Alduin, who has been reviving all of the dragons within burial sites.

After meeting the heroes of old at the Hall of Valor, they and the Dragonborn cross the whale bone bridge to confront Alduin.

Help the heroes of Sovngarde dispel Alduin's mist[]

The Dragonborn catches up with them and then readies the shout Clear Skies to dispel the mist created by Alduin. After casting it three times, the mist finally dispels and Alduin attacks.

Defeat Alduin[]

Use the Dragonrend shout to force Alduin to land, then a few well-placed arrows should take him out once and for all.

The heroes of old will say praise to the Dragonborn, and even the souls previously lost in the mist will thank. The Hall of Valor is now no longer accessible.

Thus ends the main quest line...