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Draugr are monsters within the game Skyrim. They are a type of undead that are often found in the Nordic Ruins. They "wake up" when the player enters their line of sight; or entering the rooms in which they are interred. They wield ancient Nordic weapons. They are immune to poison and have a frost resistance of 50%. They are susceptible to fire spells.

Variations[ | ]



Draugr[ | ]

The most basic and common. Easily dispatched.

Restless Draugr[ | ]

Second most common type, slightly more difficult.

Draugr Wight[ | ]

A tougher version of Draugr that are uncommon in earlier encounters, but appear with increasing frequency in higher-level encounters.

Draugr Scourge[ | ]

The toughest of the normal Draugr soldiers. Rarely encountered and always a danger to the unprepared. These draugr are usually more armoured than the weaker types. You can tell they are nearby if you hear something that sounds somewhat like Throw Voice. And they can also use some shouts such as Unrelenting Force.

Draugr Lords[ | ]

Come in 5 varieties. In order of increasing toughness: Overlord, Wight Overlord, Scourge Lord, Deathlord, and Death Overlord. Note that there are two varieties of Death Overlord one higher levelled than the other.

Equipment/abilities[ | ]

All Draugr varieties can be found using one-handed, two-handed or ranged weapons. Only Restless Draugrs, Wights and Scourges are able to wield magic; typically only using Ice magic (Frostbite, Ice Spike and Conjure Frost Atronach). The Lords have access to Dragon Shouts (Unrelenting Force, Disarm and Frost Breath).

They tend to carry Draugr weapons, but higher level draugrs can also carry ebony weapons.

Hulking Draugr[ | ]

These sometimes carry a Dented Iron Shield and were introduced with the Dragonborn DLC.

Tips[ | ]

  • A lot of the time Draugr can be seen sleeping in their tombs. Use this opportunity to launch the first strike and kill them before they wake up.
  • When you hear the sound of coffins opening (like clay being broken) look around for Draugr emerging from coffins. They can be attacked while in the emerging animation and are completely helpless.
  • Other auditory cues include their "snoring" which can be heard before they are in view.