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Driftshade Refuge

Driftshade Refuge

Driftshade Refuge is a keep in Skyrim that forms the main base of operations for the Silver Hand.


Driftshade Refuge[]

This is the main section of the keep. The Dragonborn raids this place with Vilkas as part of The Companions quest line in order to recover the stolen fragments of Wuuthrad and to put and end to the Silver Hand once and for all.

Driftshade Cellar[]

The cellars beneath the refuge. The Dragonborn must take a detour through there because the direct route is blocked. There is also a copy of The Rear Guard there. Two dead werewolves and one still alive in a cage (hostile) can also be found.

Items of Note[]

  • To the north-east, west and south-east there are three Iron Ore Vein.



Refuge (revisit, behind barred door):