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Dustman's Cairn


Dustman's Carin is a Nordic ruin located near Whiterun, very close to Hamvir's Rest. The Dragonborn enters this place to retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad as part of his test to join The Companions.

Note: Only after taking on the quest Proving Honor will the cairn open up beyond the first chamber, since then someone did some digging as Farkas points out.


The cairn is packed with Silver Hands (×15), draugr (×12) and one Hulking Draugr carries a rare Dented Iron Shield (in the Crypt there is another one)... and an arcane enchanter exists here as well.

Dustman's Crypt[]

Further in, more Silver Hands (×5), draugr (×26), skeevers (×6), a Giant Frostbite Spider and a Frostbite Spider await... and here an alchemy lab exits. On the path, a mural with a Ruby set into it can be collected by shooting at it (e.g. using Thunderbolt). Many of the already dead draugr contain valuable gems. A word wall for the shout Firebreath can be found in the last chamber, along with a Fragment of Wuuthrad.


Items of Note[]