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Dwarven Constructs are automatons constructed by the Dwarves to guard their homes. They can be found in most Dwarven Ruins where they haven't been displaced by the Falmer or other invaders. All varieties of Construct are weak to fire and shock damage and will explode if killed with shock.



The Spider Construct takes the form of a four-legged machine that comes up to about knee height. The main body is boxy and contains a gem being held up by some thin supports on top. The regular Spiders will use this gem as a focus for a shock attack and both known varieties will also attack by leaping at the target if it gets too close.

Known variations:

  • Dwarven Spider
  • Dwarven Spider Guardian
  • Dwarven Spider Worker


Dwarven Spheres are constructs that are in sphere form when in passive mode. When they detect an enemy, the sphere will unfold into a humanoid construct, though still retaining the now open sphere from the knees down, with a retractable blade built into the right hand. Spheres are quick and can close the distance to players quickly. They attack by slashing with the blade.

Known Variations:

  • Dwarven Sphere
  • Dwarven Sphere Guardian
  • Dwarven Sphere Master


Centurions are the biggest constructs encountered. They stand twice the height of the average character and are very well armored. Centurions can usually be found inactive in frames that prevent the automaton from falling over. Once active, they are hostile to anything other than other Constructs. The Centurion has a hammer built into its right arm and an axe in its left. It can attack using those or by blowing out steam from its mouth. Centurions are slow, but powerful. Able to kill a player quickly but can easily be outrun.

Known Variations:


Ballistas were introduced with the Dragonborn DLC.

Known Variations:

  • Dwarven Ballista
  • Dwarven Ballista Guardian
  • Dwarven Ballista Master