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Dwarven Metal Ingot
Misc Item
Base Value
Scrap metal

Dwarven Metal Ingots are used to forge or upgrade dwarven weapons and armor. All common miscellaneous Dwemer items can be used for smelting, with the exception of Dwemer Levers, which start with an adjective (such as "small" or "bent").

To maximize the number of ingots the player can craft from a limited carry capacity of scrap metal materials, the player should prioritize discarding any Large Decorative Dwemer Strut items first (0.1333 ingots/weight). Then if they have none left, discard any Large Dwemer Strut items (0.15 ingots/weight). Thirdly, if they have neither of the aforementioned items, discard any Solid Dwemer Metal (0.2 ingots/weight). Finally, keep as many items as possible of Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, Large Dwemer Plate Metal, and Small Dwemer Plate Metal, as all three items achieve the best ratio for most ingots craftable per carry weight (1.5 ingots/weight).

Number of Craftable Ingots vs. Weight of Scrap Metal Materials
Scrap Metals Ingots Item Weight Ingots per Weight unit
Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal 3 2 1.5
Large Dwemer Plate Metal 3 2 1.5
Small Dwemer Plate Metal 3 2 1.5
Solid Dwemer Metal 5 25 0.2
Large Dwemer Strut 3 20 0.15
Large Decorative Dwemer Strut 2 15 0.1333