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Dwemer Museum

The Dwemer Museum

The Dwemer Museum is located within Understone Keep and is where the court wizard, Calcelmo exhibits the findings from his excavations and research. Through the museum, one can reach the rest of the complex where the wizard lives and researches.

In a small locked room off the main area is a Stone of Barenziah.


Calcelmo's Laboratory[]

This is the first area beyond the museum, heavily guarded by Wizard's Guards. In this area, one can find a Spider Control Rod, Aicantar's Lab Journal and a Dwemer Puzzle Cube in addition to numerous Dwemer artefacts. There is also a copy of Twin Secrets and a copy of the ordinary version of the Chimarvamidium.

Note: Initially two areas cannot be accessed and require keys, during Hard Answers these become accessible.

Markarth Wizards' Balcony[]

This is an outdoor gallery which connects Calcelmo's Laboratory with his Tower.

Calcelmo's Tower[]

This is where Calcelmo's Falmer Rosetta stone is located. In the room just behind the Rosetta stone is a copy of the skill book version of the Chimarvamidium in addition to many pieces of charcoal and rolls of paper necessary to make a rubbing. An alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter are also available.


Items of Note[]