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Elisif's Tribute
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The Man Who Cried Wolf
Quest Giver
Elisif the Fair
Blue Palace
Shrine of Talos
Right to buy Proudspire Manor
Quest Objectives


Only after resolving The Man Who Cried Wolf for Falk Firebeard at the Blue Palace, speak to Elisif the Fair, the Jarl and ask if there is anything you can do for her.

She will mention a very personal matter, that because the Aldmeri Dominion has outlawed the worship of Talos, she cannot complete her tribute to her late husband Torygg. She asks you to take his horn to the Shrine of Talos near Whiterun for her.

Take Torygg's War Horn to the Shrine of Talos for Elisif the Fair[]

Bring the horn to the marked location on the map (south-east of the Shimmermist Cave, under a rock overhand), and place it in front of the Talos altar. A Grand Soul Gem can be picked up while there.

Talk to Elisif[]

Return to the delighted Jarl. She will forthwith let the Dragonborn buy a property, Proudspire Manor, in Solitude from the steward Falk Firebeard, and also promises to make the Dragonborn Thane provided he buys the property and has assisted the people of Haafingar (5 tasks).