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History[edit | edit source]

Elsweyr was a province of Tamriel that had been united from the early Second Era to the second century of the Fourth. In 2E309, the two Khajiiti kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine were united by the marriage between Kiergo and Eshita. While this marriage united the ruling classes and officially formed The Elsweyr Confederacy, there was discord within the different formerly separate regions. Before the Mane himself intervened, there were riots and raids between cities.

Once peace was settled, the Khajiit were finally a united people. Depending on the alignment of Masser and Secunda, either the Mane's appointed leader from Anequina or Pelletine would be the ruler of The Elsweyr Confederacy. In reality, the Mane became the dictator of the confederacy, even though there were other leaders "in charge".

Where the name "Elsweyr" comes from is debated between two theories. There was an old Khajiiti proverb that said, "The perfect land is always elsewhere" and the Khajiiti version of paradise is called Llesw'er. Most likely, the name of the province comes from a combination of the two theories.

Elsweyr was part of the Septim Empire (or the "Third Empire") until the Thalmor claimed to return Masser and Secunda to the night sky, ending the Void Nights. Once the Twin Moons were returned to the night sky, the Khajiit proclaimed the Thalmor to be their saviors, and therefore wanted to support Alinor. However, the Third Empire (no longer the Septim Empire) was not pleased with this decision. The Khajiit revolted against the Empire, and the Thalmor supported the coup. Once the Empire was driven out from the province, The Elsweyr Confederacy was dissolved. Anequina and Pelletine rose back to power, and both signed a treaty with the Summerset Isles, making the Aldmeri Dominion a coalition of countries, instead of a dominating invasion force.

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