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Feeding the Addiction
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Cleansing the Stones
Quest Giver
Bralsa Drel
Raven Rock, The Retching Netch
an enchanted weapon
e.g. Daedric Greatsword of Storms
Quest Objectives


After having cleansed the Earth Stone to the south-east of Raven Rock the now freed Bralsa Drel has a small request to ask of the Dragonborn.

She used to be a very good miner but has taken to drinking, now the innkeeper Geldis Sadri at The Retching Netch will no longer serve her. But what is she then to do to drown her sorrows?

Convince Geldis Sadri to admit Bralsa Drel to the inn[]

The Dragonborn can have a word with Geldis, who explains how it breaks his heart seeing Bralsa drink away all her heard-earned gold. So even if is against his better judgement regarding income, he seems to be trying to protect her from herself.

Anyway, Geldis can be convinced otherwise by either using persuasion, intimidation, or gold (867 Gold.png at L72).

Tell Bralsa Drel she's welcome at the Retching Netch[]

Telling Bralsa that she is welcome at the inn again yields a special enchanted weapon, something she used to have use for but no longer.